MeLo-X - Mirrors In My Mind

After months of preparation and a successful art exhibition / video debut in Brooklyn, MeLo-X brings you his latest visual masterpiece "Mirrors In My Mind". This is a collaboration project between MeLo-X and collage artist GiGi Bio. This latest piece of work features MeLo and actress Shawntia Homenuk playing a homeless couple who survive the gritty New York streets only to become their alternate mirrored self, which is a couple filled with Royal Elegance and Style. The video also features styling by Soull & Dynasty of BRZE and additional graphic and film editing by Alexis Casson.

Artist: MeLo-X
Video: "Mirrors In My Mind"
Director: GiGi Bio & Alexis Casson

"Mirrors show a reflection of ones self, while our minds show us a reflection of our true selves" - Malcolm MeLo Mustafa X